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Mental Health is Not a Trend

Although I'm aware that Mental Health Week is long gone, it still felt like it an appropriate time to write this post. I wanted to talk about metal health in more of a honest way for a while now, but was always held back.


3 Awkward topics us girls don't like to talk about.

Someone like myself who will discuss and debate any and every topic I had to do a post on few topics on not much talked about topics that us girls have to go through at times. Im sure there are a plethora of them, but for not lets have a little conversation about some main ones that I once or still do feel uncomfortable to talk about. 

Hey, It's Okay...

Here's a little reassurance from me to you,  whatever it is that your going through at the moment. 


How to deal with running into an ex

Oh, the joys off running into an ex. have been there before (what a small word). Whether things ended on a good note or as a complete disaster. It's pretty damn akwaaaaard- there's just no way around that, sadly.
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